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Remedy Suggestion


How Remedy Suggestion Services Helps You?

In Astrology, you will find two types of people who are looking for best remedial suggesstions or actions to live a happy life. The first one is who is suffering from any problem and try to find out the solutions through some Astrologer to get rid of those problems.

The second type of people are much aware and believe in astrology and keep a check on their upcoming periods and prepare ahead for that and get the maximum benefit out of Astrology. Mostly first caterogy you can find easily. It's just like that conscious people take health check-up from time to time to keep themselves healthy and the rest of the people take treatment after the disease.

Astrology can help you to change your daily living pattern to align it with the planets concerned, to get better results and get rid of those obstacles. Most of the general people don't know that their living and behaviour patterns affect their life the most positively or adversely depends upon the habits. People attract bad energies of planets unknowingly and astrology is the Devine science that can identify those areas and rectify those karmic patterns to get better results for natives. This is how you can take advantage of Astrology.

An real astrolger has that ability to foresee the hidden abilities of a person by analysing his birth chart and he also has that wisdom and experience to guide the native on a perfectly suited path for him. The actual remedies have three benefic effects.

  • It will reduce the malefic effects of melific planets
  • Increase confidence to fight the situation
  • Attracting good energy of the planets
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Why Do You Need Vedic Remedy Suggestions ?

A horoscope is the combination of energy system of the 9 planets and Rahu & Ketu. And any imbalance within the planetary energy creates disturbance in one’s life. So you need certain measure to balance out the energy. So in this way Astrological Remedies work to balance out the energy system in your life.

As a human being, our wrong doings let us suffer. And we suffer due to our temptations and troubles in this life and even for our past life karma. This forms as negative influences in the horoscope. So the remedies can help strengthen or weaken a planet.

In astrological terms, Sun is the prominent reason for adding doshas in our birth chat. The negativityhere is about a malefic aspect of other planets over Sun,as an eclipse. The form of eclipse describes placement in negative houses like 6th, 8th and 12th in enemy houses. To open those window blinds, you need remedies. Remedies work for both as they can activate and re energize a weak planet and nullify the impact of a strong malefic planet.

How Remedy Suggestions Work?

In Astrological point of view remedy means to heal, It is not giving you 100% assurance on preventing from every loss. Your karma manifests in this life so you cann’t avoid. It let you experience pain, learn from your mistakes, so that you can start your healing process. The healing process includes charity, fasting, volunteering but all remedies should be done with a serious approach and sense of responsibility.

Different Means of Astrological Remedies:

There are different ways and methods to perform remedies that align with Vedic astrology principles.


Mantras are the chants and these are the sound vibrations grouped together to propitiate planets. By chanting Mantras we are paying respect to the corresponding planet. The Mantra gets activated by perfusing into body cells that it correlates with the planet. Mantra requires the use of the power of your Mana, meaning mind (Man + tra). It is a relatively safer form of remedy with out any side effect.


Tantras are the rituals performed to eradicate negative impact of planets in one’s horoscope. It works towards the enlightenment of the soul . To do Tantra you need to use the power of your 'Tana', which means body.


This is a device, used to balance the mind and concentrate your energy on to the conceptsEvery Yantra is use to fulfill a purpose under a specific God.The geometric patterns imprinted on every yantara comprising of squares, circles and all the shapes represent some spiritual power or concept.


According to Vedic Astrology, each gemstone represents a certain planet and based on the strength or weakness of the planet in the horoscope. The gemstone is recommended to either strengthen or pacify the planet.

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